Fohhn LX 100 Linea Live

Fohhn LX 100 Linea Live
Fohhn LX 100 Linea LiveFohhn LX 100 Linea Live

The Fohhn® line array speaker system Linea LX-100 combines the benefits of innovative line array technology (directional dispersion, cylindrical wave) with an elegant design and excellent sound quality. Linea LX-100 speakers were developed to guarantee top-quality speech and music transmission in rooms with demanding acoustics and visually integrate the system perfectly into the room architecture. The Linea LX-100 can be used both in mobile and fixed installations. Linea LX-100 is perfect for outdoor sound applications and adverse weather conditions thanks to a weatherproof aluminium housing and coated speakers.

Linea LX-100 is a high-quality sound system that incorporates sophisticated 2-way speaker technology. A total of eight 4" high-performance line array speakers and one 1" compression driver with advanced HF wave guide system produce sound with accurate, cylindrical dispersion characteristics (line array principle). Within the dispersion range of this cylindrical wave, the sound pressure level remains more constant over long distances than conventional speakers, which ensures even sound dispersion. These speakers are also more effective than conventional speakers at dispersing the sound directly at the listener and less sound is reflected off the ceiling or floor, which improves speech intelligibility considerably. The Linea LX-100 is also outstanding in locations with difficult acoustics thanks to excellent speech intelligibility and dynamic music reproduction.

>DSP technology<
Fohhn® DSP processor technology modulates the Linea LX-100 and Fohhn subwoofers perfectly. Digital Fohhn signal processors are integral components of active Fohhn subwoofers, Fohhn DSP amplifiers and Fohhn DSP controllers. DSP-controlled Fohhn devices can be controlled remotely from a central location in the room or on the stage via intuitive remote control units. Fohhn therefore offers a perfectly adapted sound system that fulfils all the requirements of a modern speaker system regarding design, sound quality and operating comfort in every respect.

BxDxH in cm
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Soort luidsprekersysteem
Type luidspreker
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Regen & water bestendig
Belastbaarheid continue
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SPL 1W / 1m
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